Maple Brownies Recipe

Delicious and gooey maple brownies are always a winner!


165g butter, unsalted

200g chocolate chips

5 egg yolks

5 egg whites

100g brown sugar

60ml Pure Maple Syrup, Dark Robust

2 tbsp plain flour

1 tbsp cocoa powder

100g of your favourite chocolate, cut into small chunks


Preheat the oven to 180C.

Grease and line an 8″ square tin.

Melt the butter in a sauce pan over a medium heat. Once melted take off the heat and add the chocolate chips, stir to melt chocolate and set aside to cool.

Meanwhile using an electric whisk, whisk the egg yolks until light and fluffy and add the brown sugar down the sides, a little at a time, followed by the maple syrup.

Add sifted flour and cocoa powder to the egg mixture and fold with a spatula being careful to not knock out the air.

Add the cooled butter and chocolate to the egg yolk mixture, carefully mixing with a spatula.

Whisk the egg whites until they form peaks and fold into the egg yolk mixture.

Pour into the prepared tin, add chocolate pieces and bake for about 25 minutes. The brownies should still be slightly gooey in the middle.

Leave the brownies to cool before cutting into squares.