Maple Syrup Grades

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Our 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup is a great alternative to processed sugars and sweeteners

Grades, Colour and Flavour

The maple syrup grading system is built on a combination of the flavour and translucence of the syrup.

As a general rule of thumb, the lighter maple syrup grades are produced earlier in the harvesting season when the weather is colder, whilst the darker grades emerge later in the season when its warmer.

There is no such thing as the ‘best’ maple syrup, just the grade that’s right for you.

Canada Grade A Golden Delicate Taste

Try our Pure Maple Golden Delicate maple syrup for glazing meats and root vegetables, it also works well in cocktails or as a salad dressing.

Canada Grade A Amber Rich Taste

Our Amber Rich maple syrup is the perfect topping for porridge, ice cream, fruit or pancakes.

Canada Grade A Dark Robust Taste

If you’re after a deeper Maple flavour, our Dark Robust maple syrup is ideal as a sweetener in coffee or as a replacement for honey.

Old Maple Syrup Grading Systems

As of December 31, 2014 (Canada) and March 2, 2015 (United States) Maple Syrup grades have been harmonised under the same defined grade names / classifications .

Things are far more complicated than this table makes out, but it is a rough guide to help you find your favourite maple syrup.

The new grading system requires maple syrup to meet the following requirements, previous grading systems did not require this:

  • free from fermentation
  • uniform in colour
  • free from sediment
  • free from any cloudiness or turbidity
  • maple flavour characteristic of its colour class
  • free from any objectionable odour or taste
  • produced from 100% concentrated maple sap
Percentage of Light TransmissionCurrent Official Maple Syrup GradesCanada: Outdated Grading SystemUnited States: Outdated Grading System
more than 75Grade A – Golden Colour and Delicate Taste
Canada No. 1 Extra LightGrade A – Light Amber (also known as Fancy)
75 to 50Grade A – Amber Colour and Rich TasteCanada No. 1 Light
Canada No. 1 Medium
Grade A – Medium Amber
Grade A – Dark Amber
50 to 25Grade A – Dark Colour and Robust TasteCanada No. 1 Medium
Canada No. 2 Amber
Grade A – Dark Amber
Grade B
less than 25Grade A – Very Dark Colour and Strong TasteCanada No. 3 DarkCommercial Grade C
Processing GradeCanada No. 3 DarkCommercial Grade C
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