What is Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup was first discovered over 200 years ago when the first settlers in Canada discovered that the sap of maple trees had a sweet flavour. The native Canadians developed a special technique to draw the sap from the tree called ‘tapping’.

“At Pure Maple, our syrup is still created using the traditional, manual tapping process which can only take place during the six week maple harvesting season. We work with a cooperative in South East Quebec, Canada who have years of experience producing and innovating maple products.
Like us, they also have a ‘no compromise’ attitude when it comes to the quality of their syrup and the environment that they operate in.”

What makes a co-op unique is that unlike other businesses, they’re not run by investors or distant shareholders, but by the members themselves. This keeps the producers close to the heart of the business, giving everyone a voice and fair share of the profits.

The co-op consists of nearly 2000 members and has an impressive list of certifications to ensure food safety and guarantee quality for our Pure Maple customers.