“Our 100% Canadian Maple Syrup only has one ingredient in it, nothing added or taken away. Unlike many other syrup brands Pure Maple is free of colourings, artificial flavours and isn’t diluted with cane sugar or corn syrup. This means that our customers experience delicious, real maple syrup every time.

Pure Maple doesn’t just taste good, it is also packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. Our pure maple syrup contains:”

  • Manganese – Is a powerful anti-oxidant, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, normal teeth and the normal formation of Connective tissue
  • Riboflavin – which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism and to the maintenance of red blood cells
  • Zinc – which contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Calcium – which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Magnesium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Did you know pure maple syrup from Canada contains 67 separate polyphenols, nine of which are unique to it? One of these polyphenols, “Quebecol”, occurs naturally when the sap is boiled to produce syrup.
  • Based on research by the Canadian Nutrient File (Health Canada, Canadian Govt), maple syrup’s nutritional value is superior to other common sweeteners, such as honey, sugar, and even brown sugar. The calories in maple syrup are lower than in corn syrup and honey, averaging about 50 calories per tablespoon.

Maple Syrup Nutritional Value (Researched by Health Canada)

    • Maple syrup is an excellent source of manganese, which plays an important role in energy production and antioxidant defenses, and is necessary for normal brain and nerve function. A portion of ¼ cup of maple syrup contains 100% of the Daily Value of manganese.
    • The sweetener provides 37% of the Daily Value of riboflavin, which aids in the metabolic process.
    • Pure Canadian maple syrup also contains 18% of the recommended Daily Value of zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system.
    • Other minerals found in maple syrup are magnesium, calcium and potassium, decreasing the risk of hypertension or stroke.
Maple Nutrition Chart
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